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Shortly, the Sun will be in the sign of Leo. Those born within the first few degrees of Leo, or the last couple of degrees of Cancer are known as cusp personalities and carry both the signature of Leo as well as Cancer (inner self). The Sun’s orb of influence is 16 degrees. As a result, anyone born at let’s say 2 degrees Leo will have 10 degrees of influence in Leo and 6 degrees influence of Cancer. This explains how there are some blended character traits in the preceding and proceeding signs depending on your date of birth. There are also many other mitigating factors that determine personality traits, although the Sun sign dominates the “inner” persona.

The Sun sign of Leo is a very noble position as its ruling planet is the Sun and its symbolic representation is the Lion, the king of the jungle. This is what strong Leo personalities express in their character. They want to be noticed and in most cases they stand out in the crowd. Leo’s are rather regal in their demeanour. They like to be the centre of attention and when they enter a room, you will know that they have just walked in.

In most cases they are very likable personalities and will bend over backwards for anyone, as long as they are recognized for their efforts. Some could be considered a little egotistical, although their concern and caring is genuine. They are usually very loving and considerate people. They will go out of their way to assist you and help you in whatever way is required. This comes from the heart and they are genuine in their caring nature. There is nothing pretentious about them, but a pat on the back for their diligent efforts is greatly appreciated. When they go out of their way to assist another and their efforts are not recognized, they can easily be hurt. They mean what they say but may promise a little more than they are able to deliver.

In general people with strong Leo characteristics in their birth chart, and this would include those with many planets in the sign of Leo, a Leo Ascendant or several planets in the fifth house, are loving, well-meaning and generous with their time and energy almost to a fault. They are gracious and easily open their hearts to anyone that may come along. They are affectionate people with big hearts who genuinely want to make others happy.

Many of these whole-hearted individuals have lofty dreams and they are hard workers. They enjoy the good life and with persistent efforts can make some of their dreams come true. They have a good idea of what it is they want and will go after it and make things happen, not only in their life but also in others’ lives. Life does not always come easy for them, but regardless, they are willing to work diligently towards any goal. Once on course, it is hard to shift their focus. They are determined individuals once they are set in motion, although they do have a retiring side when it comes to relaxation and can easily shift themselves into a relaxed mode.

Leo is a fire sign and a fixed sign suggesting that they are determined when striving for their objectives and will not easily be swayed by others, especially once their mind is made up. However they are willing to listen to advice even if they do not take it, but they will adapt if necessary. Their intentions are always on the up and up, and if others do not take their advice or appreciate their good natured intentions, they will have committed a great injustice and the Leo individual can easily be hurt. They want to be appreciated!

Confidence runs high with the typical Leo and yet they can be quite humble when others show their appreciation. If they were to make a mistake, and they will accept responsibility for mistakes that they make, they will do what they can to repair the situation. Sometimes they will blame themselves when in fact it is someone else who deserves the blame. Much depends on what their perspective is on that person.

If you are looking for a true friend and companion for life, one who accepts you for who you are and accepting all of the little flaws that you may have, Leo is the one you are searching for. They will be loyal to the end, stand by your side in times of trouble, and always offer help when you are in need.



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