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The Sun moves into Virgo on the 23rd of August this year. This post will help identify some of the very distinctive character traits of those individuals born with the Sun in Virgo (the inner self), a Rising Sign of Virgo (the face they show to the world) and/or several planetary links in the sixth house, naturally ruled by the sign Virgo.

Virgo is the sign of the virgin and many of these individuals are pure in their actions (not necessarily sexually). They often remain true to their character and insist on truth and trust even after they have been betrayed by others. This is not to say that they are naive, although there is something innocent about their demeanor.

Virgo individuals are conservative in their approach to life and are rarely gamblers. They like the tried and tested route. Because of their intellectual approach to life and their ability to decipher even the tiniest of details, they are excellent problem solvers, although their approach may be considered by some as extreme. They are very service oriented and enjoy helping others and have an uncanny ability to create order out of chaotic conditions. They truly give of themselves to those in need and can be counted on if they give you their word. They will offer their advice and aid in almost any situation.

Many are truth seekers and information gatherers. They enjoy study and getting to the core of issues. They are perfectionist by nature and analyse those they meet by carefully dissecting them to the core, uncovering all the little flaws of their personality. Many Virgos are somewhat nit-picky and do see faults in themselves and others, but can be open about it. If they are open, they will speak their observations only to assist in some way.

They can be somewhat shy and retiring, although once you have their trust, they can be quite interactive. They are studious and want to not only understand a topic of interest but want to understand these topics of interest thoroughly. They are meticulous when it comes to their interests and will not miss anything. This is where their perfectionist capabilities shine through.

Although they digest most any information that is appealing to them, they always feel as though there is more for them to learn and they are rarely satisfied until there is nothing left unturned on the subject.

They are very body conscious and feel everything on an emphasized level. Nothing slips by them and they digest everything on a physical level. Many Virgo individuals will self-diagnose or read intensely about their body and its functions to understand its intimate workings. This can lead to obsessive behaviour in some and worry in many. They will have to find ways to overcome and alleviate these conditions. Health consciousness and diet along with hygiene are key character traits exhibited by many Virgo individuals.

Rewards come their way when perseverance is required and they will often take on jobs that are too difficult for others to handle as they can make it work in the very best possible way. They also make excellent writers, analyzers and critiques because of their ability to stick with something until it is completed. They are usually good at handling money matters and make great financial advisers.

In the working environment, Virgos can be very fussy and critical of their own work. They are meticulous about every detail and their working environment has to be in order, with everything in its proper place. They also make great secretaries or assistants. Order is essential for them and will help them in many of their endeavors in life. When it comes to their work ethics and performance, there are few that can compare. They will dissect everything with great enthusiasm and enjoy their work, even if they will not admit this. They truly want to do their best at everything in life.

Many Virgos are living in the practical world of efficiency and the material world is right up their alley. In general, they complete their tasks regularly and when things are left incomplete or messy, it is a sure sign that something in their life is out of balance or our of harmony. This is often a by-product of being unhappy with their own efforts and they will criticize their own work to a fault. It would suit them very well both mentally and physically if they could stop being so judgmental particularly on a personal level.

Virgo individuals are meticulous about everyday details and although they insist that they do not need applause or a complement for their work, they do appreciate being needed and enjoy helping. They also want respect for their hard work.

Those with Virgo dominant in their charts could learn to develop a more carefree attitude and learn to exercise forgiveness that stems from deep within. It is always beneficial to relax and enjoying what life has to offer.

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