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As the transiting Sun moves from Leo, a fixed fire sign, to Virgo, a mutable earth sign, the whole idea of practicality comes into play. Those with their Sun in this meticulous sign position need to have all their cards in order before they move ahead with any of life’s plans. As a matter of fact, these careful, analytical, duty oriented people need to have almost anything in order before they will plunge into action.

Virgoean individuals or those with a strong Virgo tendency in their natal chart are service oriented and known to be reliable, practical and well organized. If the typical Virgo is not organized and their home or working conditions are in chaotic conditions, it is often a sign that life itself is not in order.

These individuals are the perfectionists of the zodiac, and they are able to spot all the little flaws that others could easily miss.

Virgo individuals make great organizers and are quite capable when it comes to any detailed work. They make great secretaries, great planners and use their abilities of organization and often display perfectionist clerical abilities to set things in order with great precision. Their attention to detail is second to none, and they are reliable and always ready to help.

Their attention to detail can also be found with health concerns or dietary implementation, as this is right up their alley. It just comes natural to them, and in most cases, they pay close attention to all the little details and internal workings of the body. They actually can become worry-warts and may need to learn how to lighten up a little when it comes to health issues. They even have the potential to become obsessive in many areas of life if they leave themselves unchecked.

In general, they would love to help you organize your life or your office or even your closet. They will take great pride in working to the best of their abilities and look for very little in return. A good concise outcome to their efforts is of utmost importance. Let them calculate, process and plan things out, and then sit back and watch them at work.

In relationships and with themselves, they tend to notice all the little flaws but this is especially true with themselves. If they look for things that are perfect, unfortunately not much will make this grade. Once again, the typical Virgoean needs to lighten up and recognize that little in life is perfect and this is perfectly acceptable. They can help themselves by paying close attention to the good things in their lives and just how magnificent life is.

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