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The Sun Sign vs the Rising Sign

The difference between the Sun sign and the Rising sign is that the rising sign defines how we express ourselves to the outside world and our reaction to life events as seen by others; whereas the sun sign defines our inner most self which those that do not know us would not see.

An individual may have their Sun sign in Aquarius but may have an extreme influence from another sign. For example this Sun in Aquarius individual may have a Taurus rising sign with several planets in the second house, which is ruled by Taurus. This individual would express themselves with strong Taurus tendencies, although the Aquarius overtones would still be present but much more subdued.

An individual with a Sun sign in Aquarius and other links in the same sign or in the eleventh house would be considered somewhat of a bohemian, an eccentric and perhaps even odd in comparison to someone with a strong link to Taurus. Whereas, the Taurus tendency individual would not be as freedom motivated and would prefer stability in life, such as having a secure foundation to live within. This person would be more reliable, consistent and would be security oriented. The Taurus tendency individual would seek a profession that would provide this and would support the need for financial security.

Someone with a strong Aquarius emphasis in their chart would be more inclined to reach out into uncomfortable areas where the need for evolution and knowledge would far outweigh financial security. They would have their heads in the clouds and would be considered by those that are able to digest their complex nature as being ahead of their time. Their ideas might seem far-fetched and future oriented. They would be the bearers of knowledge that might be unattainable for many and difficult to digest. They would be willing to share their ideologies with anyone willing to listen.

The strong Taurus individual would prefer to be more down to earth and would digest information on a different level and probably keep a lot of what they would have learned contained within. This information would be only available to the selected few. The Taurus individual would be quite comfortable within the confines of their home and would be slower at digesting information although they would probably hang on to this knowledge and understand it on a deeper level.

Aquarius individuals are group oriented and enjoy the company of likeminded individuals, while the Taurus individual may be more of a loner, although many Aquarius people are loners as well but in their own way. The Taurus individual would be a little less comfortable sharing their ideas which would be based on a much more solid foundation and would have more merit to the average individual than the lofty ideals that the Aquarius individual might possess.

Aquarius individuals know they are unique and do not mind being thought of in this manner. They are intellectuals and freedom seekers and their wish is to dissect pertinent information and then spread this knowledge to the world around them. Their astrological symbol of the Man pouring water out of a pitcher, spreading his wisdom to the masses clearly tells this story. Aquarius wants to shake our foundations and make us look close at our objectives in life, ever reaching for higher ground and establishing ourselves as unique individuals. The Aquarian wants humanity to climb the mountain of life, released from the burden of material and obstructive living. They are known as the awakeners and strive to create a new found freedom which will release us from the bounds of habitual thoughts that stagnates growth.

This Aquarius Sun, Taurus Rising individual would have a push and pull conflict on occasion due to the varied qualities of the two signs.

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