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The True Meaning of Giving

This special message, although focused around the Christmas Holidays, can have meaning in our lives at any given time. The holidays are a special time for most but can be a difficult time for others.

Our message is one of love and the sharing of love amongst all of our brothers and sisters. Family and close friends are often part of our holiday celebrations. For many families, distant relatives make an effort to make that special trip to be together and share in the festivities.

It is delightful to watch the special effects that this time of year has on the little ones--their delight in opening their gifts and the pure excitement that radiates around them. The holidays do hold a special place in our hearts and the experiences of togetherness and giving are lasting.

There seems to be a new trend where even in the rich nations the expenditures linked to the holidays are burdensome. If you find this is true in your case, perhaps we need to have a closer look at the real meaning behind this special time of the year. At its root this holiday signifies the birth of Jesus Crist and this is important for those that are of the Christian faith. For others, it is a time of family and sharing. Regardless of what Christmas means to you, it is important to know that the gift is what is important, not its size or its value. It is the gift itself.


Let us clarify......the best gift anyone one can give is their time, their focus, their self. Put away the cell phones and give those that are dear to you, give to those that are lonely, give to those that are alone the gift of your undivided attention. Gift and share your self, your compassion, your love!

A perfect gift would be to open your doors to those that are living under less fortunate conditions. There are many that are alone and suffer from depression during the holiday season. By opening your doors to these individuals, you can light a spark of hope and ensure that they know someone cares.

The homeless, those struggling to have a home, those that are institutionalized and so many others deserve our attention. Whatever we can do to alleviate some of their hardships is the greatest gifts we can give. Have compassion for those in need, whatever their need may be because when the end of this earthly road has been reached, these individuals are no different than we are. They are pure essence just as you and I. Yes, it was their choice to learn and experience this lifetime through hardship or shortage or loneliness but they are also here to help us learn our lessons of compassion, giving, caring, loving.

This is a special opportunity for us to open up our hearts and share. Could our experiences during these exceptional holiday moments help us to learn the lessons of giving and compassion to the extent that we will live these virtues throughout each and every day of the year?

Is it our purpose to help those around us?

We help in so many different ways. Do not allow this opportunity to shed light and to share love pass us by.

Enjoy the holidays to their fullest by find a place in your heart that resonates with the true meaning of giving.

Merry Christmas; Happy Hanukkah; Joyous Kwanzaa; Blessed Solstice; the Very Best of Every Day!

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