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It is hard to define our life’s path in spoken words. We more often than not can definition this path with feelings and intuition.

Life will take us to places we never dreamed possible and it will also take us down roads few would choose to walk. Each step of the way, however, offers new insight into understanding. With an open mind, we will gain awareness as we maneuver our way through proverbial dense forests and open fields.

By living our unspoken mission, we become immersed. By living our unspoken mission, we become completely involved so as to experience each moment individually, without anticipation of the next moment. We are here to explore life and all of its wonders and to experience its vastness with vigor and joy, regardless of the path that we might be on. There are many unseen events awaiting us and we have the choice of sharing the experience each step of the way.

We will meet people that touch us deeply and on many levels of understanding. Some of these experiences will not be pleasant but important lessons nonetheless. Some individuals we experience these with will radiate beauty through their unconditional love and complete understanding. We share this life on many levels and we are never alone even when we feel as though we are. We can always reach out for a guiding, either physically or spiritually, when we feel the need arises.

Have faith in the process and the freedom of choice. During those times when the choice seems as though it has already been made, understand that the actions taken are perfect for our earthly life lessons. Stay resolved to your own personal commitments. Enjoy life’s path for this unspoken path lies ever waiting for you to walk grace it with your presence.

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