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Uranus has a cycle of 84 years when it returns to its natal position. The halfway point is known as the opposition or mid-life crisis which occurs between the ages 39-42. This is a dynamic period for most people as not only do we experience the Uranus opposition, but we are also experiencing transiting Saturn in opposition to its natal position around the same time.

Uranus suggests a change of direction often due to a need for freedom in some aspect of our life. In many cases, certain aspects of life have become stagnant and we are no longer growing in the way we should. Perhaps life has become too much of a routine. We need a change, something new and exhilarating, and this is when changes occur that may seem radical to others. The changes are often sudden or unexpected.

As mentioned, there is also the opposition of T. Saturn to its natal positioning which has to do with the need for stabilization and responsibility. How will this play into the equation?

The Saturn opposition suggests that other people are behind the decisions that we take currently, and this applies to the Uranus opposition as well. Of course we need to take responsibility for our own personal actions, as we make our own decisions, even if others play into what we decide to do.

This can be a time of upheaval and dynamic change which in some ways feels out of our control although we make the move. This could involve a relationship, career, the home and family, love relationships, spiritual unfolding, etc. depending on the house T. Uranus is moving through and the house where you find your N. Uranus.

This will likely not be a pleasant time although we must also have a look at the aspects in place to the natal Uranus position and other natal positions. The whole picture always must be reviewed for a clear picture.

Most feel the energies of T. Uranus beginning up to 5 degrees approaching and lasting until it is about 2 degrees past being direct. Often you can pinpoint when the energies are the strongest as it approaches becoming direct. Something happens in a rather unexpected manner and in many cases, we are not well prepared. Jumping is never suggested but you just might and sometimes have regrets immediately after doing so. Usually over the long haul you realize that the steps taken were meant to take place and will put you more in line with the path you are supposed to be taking. Uranus is the awakener and that is just what it will do.

Be as prepared as possible and expect the unexpected under this influence. This is a very significant period and major changes will affect your life.

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