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The Vertex (also known as Destiny’s Gate) along with the Ascendant/DC, the MC/IC and the nodes are incarnational axis points in Astrology. Much like the Nodes (also known as the dragon’s tail) have a north and south end, the Vertex has an Anti-Vertex point as well. They are always exactly opposite one another to the exact degree, minute and second.

The Vertex is often seen as being quite positive in nature while the Anti-Vertex is said to be less fortunate. They are known as sensitive points in the chart and often indicate destined points related to people (often relationships) coming into our life. Some Astrologers have linked the Vertex to people that we have known from the past inevitably being brought back into our lives. Some say that it can be someone from our past (this life or a past life) who has come back to meet up once again.

This, at first glance, often seems fated, as mentioned, but after some time, may not always unfold as we might have thought it would initially. It is not always as blessed or welcomed in the end as we may have thought. Is this simply a human judgement?

The Vertex, just to add a little flair to its description, often produces eventful times but sometimes passes by with little, if any, relevance, so it is best not to put too much emphasis on when it is aspected by transit or when it transits one of our natal planets.

The energies of the Vertex can be used in any chart, including relationship charts, solar charts, progressed charts to name a few. When found natally conjunct to a planet or angle, the Vertex has a tendency to add strength to the energies of that planet and it also adds focus to the area of life represented by the house it is in. The Vertex is always found between the fifth and eighth houses, hence its connection to people in our lives. When these people come into our lives, there is, as mentioned, a turning point or what seems to be a destined meeting and it will feel as though it cannot be ignore. We have to commit to this “meeting” on some level and go through the motion until what is put in place is played out. There is a strong need to bring things to a conclusion or a finishing point.

It is important to utilize a narrow orb when using this point in a chart reading (an orb of up to three degrees in the natal chart and less with transits or progressions).

The Anti-Vertex has been noted to have a lesser effect and its energies are not always as fortunate in nature as the energies of the Vertex. This is similar to the North and South Nodes. The North Node has been compared to Jupiter, while the South Node has been compared to Saturn. The nodes are karmic in nature while the Vertex and Anti-Vertex seem to be destiny points. It is said that you should be careful what you wish for when the Vertex is involved because it might just come to fruition.

More study should be conducted before we can come to a full understanding of the Vertex and Anti-Vertex in Astrology.

The study of Astrology is infinite in nature and there is always more to learn.

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