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Understanding who we truly are can be a giant step towards life’s ultimate victory lap. A deep internal examination assists in understanding. We are not our accomplishments, although overcoming hurdles serves to build our confidence and a feeling of self worth. They assist in quietening the ego’s nagging concerning our insignificance, the “I can’t”, “I’m not smart enough”, I’m not strong enough and the list goes on.

The opinion of others on what we have done with our lives is also insignificant, as these opinions only serve to feed the ego.

Our vocation, our financial holdings, our place in community does not describe who we are. These things will soon be forgotten when we pass from this earth. Most likely, in two or three generations, no one will even know who we were.

The victory lap can be experienced once we are able to realize and acknowledge that who we are stems from within but even these are but pieces of the spiritual whole.

We have entered our current journey to broaden our experiences, and to grow from life’s events. We are spirits experiencing a human moment.

We are not defined by our thoughts, as even these are generally ego generated. We are not defined by our ego as ego only lives in the past or future. In the present moment, there is silence, a place of presence and a place of knowing. The ego cannot live in this moment. True “being” regardless of what the moment entails is neither good nor bad; it just is. It is the ego that defines/categorizes our moments.

Everything in our lives is meant to be. It is part of the experience and part of the purpose. There are no mistakes as every step of the way in the moment of experience is perfect unto itself. We can have moments of sadness (but this sadness is based on a past event or an anticipate event in the future). We, as spirit, cannot be hurt. Only the ego can be hurt.

We have always been meant to live in the circle of love. No ego to dominate or feel superior over others; no ego to cultivate hatred and war. Living in the moment without threat or ego, we can live in peace and gratitude. We are sacred beings living a human existence to discover and grow. We are to live in peace with ourselves and only then can we live in peace with one another.

Peace can only be found in the moment for in the moment there is no ego. In the moment, there are no thoughts of tomorrow, no thoughts of yesterday. In the moment, there is only here and now.

We are human so we will have earthly goals, but our greatest goal should be to reach that state of eternal awareness found only in the ever-present moment.

Live through love. We are to share our lives. Live in the moment and we will experience peace. In experiencing true peace in the moment, we teach others through example that life is not a destiny, but a journey traveled within the eternal moment. Peace and tranquility are reflections of the moment regardless of the chaos that happens around us. The moment holds no judgement and is complete within itself.

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