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The ego expresses itself on many levels and there are several ways of looking at this companion or “master” force. Identifying with the ego is of paramount concern as it can take you places that both create concrete results or entangled concepts that are anything but effective in their nature or for your growth. As you walk with your ego, watch for identifying with the voice that says you are better than others, deserve more than others.

When we come to terms of being equal as spirit (as our whole essence), and that each and every one of us are in the pursuit of true happiness and enlightenment, regardless of what enlightenment may mean, we begin to get a grasp of how the ego transcends on our attitude of self. At some point, we all walk together towards the road of death of this material lifetime and everything we have gained spiritually will be on our minds when we near the end.

If you have spent your life high on who you are and what you have accomplished in your life, whether that be abundance in the material world, or advancement in the concept of doing what others could not do because of your intellectual abilities, where does this leave you when on deaths door?

How did it move you forward as you prepare for the final stage of this life’s mission?

In the end it does not matter what you have attained during this life unless it is something that will not be left behind upon death. If you have chosen a life of service, one where in your own way you have assisted others and helped them find a place of happiness, you can move into your final moments with a sense of contentment that will not be found elsewhere.

You may leave behind a legacy of financial security; however, money is fleeting and often leads to wanting more. Leaving behind a memory, or better still, an example of how fulfilling life can be lived is far more reaching and may sway others into a direction more appropriate to their evolution while on earth.

As you mature and evolve into spirit, you may find that giving without measure actually gives internal rewards that far outweigh any material success you may gain. Providing a shoulder to lean on, a smile of reassurance or a congratulating handshake can be far more effective in motivating others and helping them believe in themselves.

When it is all said and done, how will you be remembered and what will your achievements provide for those left behind?

Ensure that the example you provide is one of love and growth.

When you shed your earthly skin, what legacy will you leave behind?

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