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For many of us, part of our life’s mission is to learn to assist particularly those who are vulnerable or are in need of help. What does it cost willingly lend a hand to anyone that needs our assistance?

Our assistance could benefit many from the less fortunate such as the homeless we chance to meet, an elderly person trying to maneuver their way with a heavy load, a young individual struggling with an unforeseen illness or even an individual who stood by while you were struggling and never raised a hand to help.

There are no boundaries when someone is in need and regardless of who they are and their lot in life we can happily lend a helping hand. Those with extra time on their hands might find volunteering their services as an appropriate avenue of expression. Some individuals that are in the healing professions have volunteered in nations far less privileged than ours. Even when we are offering a gentle guiding voice and reassurance, we are using our abilities. Assistance does not have to be something over the top.

We all have our gifts yet most of us still have to learn how to utilize them and recognize them for what they are.

Do not compare what you can do to others. We all have our special part. There are always ample opportunities to reach out and touch someone in whatever way we can.

Each of us is born into specific conditions and these conditions we have no control over. Do not judge others.

We all have a part to play. Why would we want to waste the opportunities that fall into our laps? We can all utilize what is available to us including being that guiding light for those that currently walk in the dark.

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