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We truly cannot put into words the emotions felt when we lose someone who is dear to us. We are never prepared and even if death if follows a lengthy illness, we seem to be emotionally caught off guard. We are unsure on how to deal with the energies and emotions that accompany such events. We desperately search for answers and even point fingers as we need someone to blame for our loss but this is just part of the normal grieving process.

How do we move ahead with our own personal life? How do find a way to let go of our physical connection with these souls?

It can be extremely difficult to adjust to the new norm after a death of a loved one because most of us prefer to hold on to our loved ones memories and the connection to days gone by. We believe that this will allow us to keep them as close to our hearts as possible.

Memories are for remembering and to be cherished, but they are just that, memories. We are not meant to live them. We are meant to live now in this moment.

Grief is a very personal experience. Ensure, however, that you have someone to talk to. Expressing how you feel is very important.

Those that have passed on do not want us to suffer and hold on. They want us to fulfill our requirements in our journey.

People bless our lives by sharing a day, a year or a lifetime with us. We can choose to be filled with gratitude for the time that we shares. We would never wish that the share time never happened.

Death is far from the end. It is more the beginning of true energy. When we have graduated from the school of life, we too will pass from the limitations of our physical experience. In the meantime, we still have work to do. We have much to learn and much to experience. The experiences and knowledge that we gain over our lifetime is not just for us. We teach by example and help others in their place of learning.

While we are here, we should live in the moment and enjoy those that surround us. We cannot see our thoughts or the air that we breathe, but that does not mean that these do not exist. Those that have left their earthly bodies still walk beside us.

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