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What we concentrate or focus on, what we believe and what our expectations are all form our reality and enhance or hinder our life’s conditions. This is not to say that we created this pandemic. Our thoughts, however, create how we respond to the pandemic and this impacts the quality of our lives.

We are not our minds and we do not have to be held captive by our thoughts. To be able to step back and be the spectator of our thoughts, we have to first recognize that we have control over our thoughts.

We are the observer and with this knowing (and certainly with practice), we can direct our thoughts in whatever direction feels appropriate. When an unpleasant thought occurs, we can simply acknowledge it and watch it keep going instead of holding on to as though it is part of our identity.

If over time, thoughts and expectations build and create in our reality, why then would we ever want to set up shop within a pessimistic thought pattern? Again, thoughts create. Belief structures become our present moment.

We always have choices as to which road we will follow with our responses to events in life. When we recognize that we are not travelling in the direction we wish to or we are in a place of discomfort, we can switch to a place of peace by moving our thoughts in a peace-filled place. It sounds simple and with practice it is BUT in the beginning it takes a lot of hard work. It does take practice but with practice, we find that we have to intentionally redirect our thoughts less and less frequently. Eventually it becomes natural to recognize less than ideal thoughts. Again, we acknowledge them and then watch them dissipate.

If we attempt to ignore something or try to avoid thinking about something, we are still giving it energy and focus. We are essentially feeding what we are attempting to get away from. The energies of life or the universe (whatever you choose to call it), does not decipher whether our focus is good or bad; it just expands on what we are focused on. So the thoughts we allow and process are just as important as our belief structures and expectations.

We are forever creating as we move through our lives. It may take time to manifest but we will move in that direction as long as we are not creating road blocks (consciously or unconsciously but that thought is for another post).

In our true and highest form, we are spirit borrowing this physical vehicle, temporarily. We have the ability to transform our lives to better follow the plan in place for our spiritual development.

We each walk our individual path and there will be challenging conditions from time to time (after all we are having a human experience) but we are here to learn. We have been given the tools we need to accomplish what we must. We can do this the hard way or we can do this the easy way. It is a personal choice.

Will you focus on and expect negativity in order to create difficulties (which truly are just hard lessons to be learned)? Have you not followed this route long enough?

Accept responsibility. Shift into knowing! Regardless of what takes place in life, take control of your reaction and your attitude.

How will you handle your next lesson (it is after all a lesson, not a punishment)?

We can never blame others for the actions and attitudes that we take. We can sculpture our lives into that which we truly want them to be.

What are you creating?

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