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When deciphering an Astrology chart whether the chart is a natal, transit, progression, solar, composite or any type of chart for that matter, it is important to consider specific points of interest. The planets or significant points (Ascendant, Midheaven and to a lesser degree the IC and DC) closely joined to one another by aspect are points of interest and are more noteworthy.

All aspects in a chart play a part in defining the individual or events in question but the closer a MAJOR aspect is to being direct the stronger its influence. (Direct being defined as being at the same degree.) (Major aspects are 0° -conjunction, 60° -sextile, 90° -square, 120° -trine and 180° -opposition).

MINOR aspects are important as well but major aspects hold the greatest relevance when interpreting a chart. It should be noted that a minor aspect within minutes of being direct can have a more profound affect than some major aspect that is, for example, at 2 degrees of separation. (Minor aspects include but not limited to inconjunct -150°, semi-sextile -30°, quintile -72°, semi-square 45° and sequiquadrate -135°)

The conjunction followed by the opposition and then the square are the most powerful aspects in Astrology. The challenging aspects are usually more significant because they challenge us and force us into action. The planets that are making aspects to one another have to be taken into consideration as well as the energies of the aspect itself to get a clear picture of the story being told.

For example, Pluto square Mars is a much more powerful combination than Mercury square Jupiter, even if the square between Mercury and Jupiter were tighter (closer to the exact degree). Once again the distance between planets and their energies with one another have to be taken into consideration.

This information applies to natal interpretation as well as in composite charts while transits behave quite differently. We will look at transiting planets in our next Astrology post on August 10, 2018 and then on August 13, we will focus on progressions.

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