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Many agree that, although not intentional, their focus has been focus on concern for the state of the world and the many difficult situations of late. We are caught up in the news, posts and comments about North Korea, flooding and more and this has many of us on edge.

Many of us have become so wrapped up in these concerns and other circumstances that we have allowed ourselves to lose our intentional focus of possibilities and positivity to negativity and stress.

It is time to take a step back from media bombardment, to refocus and once again align ourselves. We understand innately that focus brings with it more of the same and our interaction with what we perceive as negativity that surrounding us at this moment will just bring forth worry, stress and in time more destructive potential including disease.

This is not putting our heads in the sand. How does our stress and worry change events? How does our stress and worry protect us? How does our stress and worry make us feel better about our world? Our stress and worry only serves to rob us of today’s enjoyments....and over time robs us of so much more.

We have to realign ourselves with our core understanding. We have to re-focus our attention on the potential for finding a viable solution that brings forth peace and tranquility into our world. Rather than spending countless hours daily on negative events, we need to realign with love and compassion. If the world, as a group, can refocus its intentions through these daily practices, we can bring forth much more positive outcomes. As long as we focus our attention on the challenges at hand, we bring to life these potentials and lose our ability to bring to fruition the potential for peace. We deny the bounty of love to grow to the true proportion that is available.

Can you make a concerted effort re-focus your attention as many times a day as is required so you can be part of the recovery process and not part of the destructive process?

Know that peace can be found. If all who are lost in worry or hate realign their focus, they would see beyond the veil of uncertainty and could formulate an action that would benefit all concerned.

What is it we are really looking for? There is only one way to promote peace and that is through a concentrated effort with as many people as possible so that it has a global affect.

What part can you play? Share this or any message of peace and focus, if you are so inclined. Together we can make a difference.

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