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We have heard from people that they feel lost with no clear direction. They feel as though they have nothing to strive for.

Are you waiting for something or someone else to point you in the right direction?

Our journey can be challenging at times to say the least, and some individuals may feel as though they may have lost their way.

These times that some terms as stagnant are the perfect times to contemplate and get into the habit of quieting the mind and allowing. Seize these opportunities to practice mindfulness, to quiet the mind and just be.

It is imperative to just settle into our current life’s conditions and want nothing more (......just for this moment). When we look up from our quiet time, we may find that a light has appeared in the distance. There will be just enough light to light up the shadows in the dark corners of our life and we once again will feel comfortable and guided to continue on our journey. We can never hurry the process but we can utilize the time wisely in silence (yes “wisely” sit quietly) using this period prudently.

If we have chosen to get caught up in the fear of nothingness, we must “defocus”. It is just that simple. By shifting the mind’s focus to quiet, we can appreciate and prepare for the next leg of our journey........that WILL come. It is inevitable.

Life can be SO busy and so much can happen that we lose gift of silence which is the best guide and teacher. We shoot the rapids and spend little to no time adjusting and adapting to the subtle lessons that we learn. These times that so many term as “stagnant” are not wasted time. Quite the contrary. It is during these times of quiet that we are given so many invaluable tools.

Observe and examine and then sit in silence. Accept and appreciate this treasures we have been provided with. Do not be misled by reactive thoughts. Quiet the mind regularly so that we are ready to continue our journey. Where our path leads us tomorrow is not important today but we can rest assured that it leads to where we need to be.

Enjoy each moment and utilize what may feel like stagnate times to reflect, review and rest. This silent time is not stagnating; quite the contrary. It is essential to calm the rapids on our river of life.

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