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Timers in Astrology

When creating an Astrology chart report and deciphering the aspects, there are several areas in the chart along with planetary influences that trigger events. Some of these points or intensity areas of the chart which define activity are the:

1. Midheaven (MC or Medium Coeli tilted vertical axis in your chart from the 4th house cusp),

2. Ascendant (AC which is the rising sign),

3. IC (Imum Coeli which is opposite the Midheaven tilted vertical axis in your chart from the 10th house cusp); and

4. DC or Descendant (opposite the AC).

These areas in Astrology often indicate areas of activity and when linked with planetary influences will often depict timing of activities.

The closer a planet moves into aspect to these zones, the stronger the potential for something to happen as described by the area of activity. The planetary link and the aspect that these planetary links are making to those sensitive points will determine what takes place. Activities often take place when these aspects are direct or exact and the areas of life indicate what will be affected. (For example if the MC is affected, the area of life affected could be your occupation. If the DC is activated, the activity could have something to do with relationships).

These are timing factors when an Astrologer is deciphering a Natal chart. Transits (moving planets) also promote activity in the Birth chart at specific times. These planets include the transiting Sun, transiting Mars, transiting Uranus as well as the progressed Moon. These celestial bodies intensify activities and often are used conjointly with other aspects taking place in the chart to determine the timing of actual events. Uranus and Mars are particularly powerful as each one pushes us into action.

The outer planets (including Pluto) are significant in that they are in aspect for several years. They are often felt up to 5 degrees approaching and as far away as 2 to 3 degrees separating. Using the outer planets alone will make it very hard to come up with the exact timing of events although as mentioned earlier the closer to exact the aspect the more powerful is its influence.

The inner planets (including the Sun) move rapidly through the zodiac and will only have an impact on the days they are direct. As a result, it becomes easier to define when an exact time is appropriate for activity.

The progressed Moon moves one degree per month, taking 2 1/2 years to move through a sign. The progressed Moon’s influence is powerful for a full three months but intensifies in the middle month and can also be found when areas of life are being activated.

Using these timing influences, we can determine relatively closely when events will happen; however, there are always other mitigating factors, such as Saturn as it delays the activity, or Uranus as it causes impulsive actions. One thing is certain with Uranus - you can expect the unexpected.

Some of the planetary sign positions also play a part in the equation. Capricorn and Virgo often delay activity because of the need to re-define and to ensure it is best to make a move, while Aries and Gemini will push things forward into action.

All these influences are used in determining the type of activity anticipated and will determine who, when and in what fashion the energies of the activity might play out. Some planets are very forceful in their actions, such as Pluto and Uranus, while other planets are laid back and reserved or slow in their action, such as Saturn and Neptune. It should, however, be understood that in most cases Astrology indicates activity in life, but our reaction to these events will determine the effect that they will have on us.

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