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The angles in an Astrology chart

• Ascendant {AC}

• Midheaven {Medium Coeli -MC)

• Imum Coeli {IC} and

• Descendant {DC})

are highly sensitive areas when touched by transiting (current placement) planets.

The planets are also important in event forecasting, especially the outer planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) due to their slow rate of travel through the zodiac. Due to the slow speed of their movement, the energies have a longer effect and can affect an area of your chart for several years. Although you will be affected during the whole period of the aspect, the closer the aspect is to being direct, the stronger the energy.

It is important to look at the planet that is being transited and the natal aspects (aspects in your birth chart) to this planet along with any other transits or progressions that are influencing the degree in question. If a natal planet has any other planets or key point in the birth chart affecting it by natal aspect, these additional planets or key points will also be affected by the transit in question. The more aspects a natal planet receives from other natal planets and key points, the stronger the influence will be. The energy of the planets involved and the house placements will help define how the energies might be released. The overall picture, which includes the transiting planet, its house position and its natal position must be taken into consideration when unlocking the potential of a transit when it occurs.

When a transiting outer planet is within one degree of being direct to a natal planet by aspect, you should look at the transits of Uranus, Mars, the Sun as well as the progressed Moon. When any of these planets activate the natal planet being affected, the energies will be released.

For example, let’s say that transiting Pluto is squaring your natal Sun. This aspect indicates that changes on a personal level are taking place. This could also have a professional effect, but much will be determined by the house placement of the Sun and also Pluto. The closer the degree is to being direct, the stronger the aspect. With our example of the square, we would suggest that the planets are 0 degrees and 20 minutes apart, so the energies are strong as they are only out by half a degree). It is also necessary to check to see if one of the planets that trigger an event is in the same degree particularly by conjunction, as this will undoubtedly activate an event and stimulate activity to take place.

Uranus can usually be used on its own to the exact degree to the minute defining activity in the area of life depicted by house positions. Mars and the Sun will also activate what is potentially promised, but Uranus can often be counted on to release the energies often exact within a couple of days. If transiting Uranus is making the aspect in the natal chart, this might be enough to determine when things will happen, but Uranus is very unpredictable and what to expect might be very difficult to pinpoint as with Uranus you have to expect the unexpected.

These timing factors can often help determine the potential timeline within a one month. These timing planets can help define when things will happen. The transit itself when separating (exact separation) from the natal point in question will also define how long the energies are active. The energies will begin to subside after the exact aspect (with a square for example exactly 90 degrees) begins to separate.

With the proper delineation of a chart, Astrology can definitely point the way, although we as individuals still make the final decisions and our attitude towards any event will defines how the energies of that event will affect us.

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