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Changes are coming. You feel it. You know it. It is not by chance either.

Change would not present itself until you are ready to take that step. You are moving from obscurity to a viable bright path. This is not only your realization but also the realization of others.

Sometimes you are so closed to the change that you do not recognize it at first but when the metamorphosis is complete, you may not longer recognize the new you emerging. You have come far enough into this change that you recognize its expansion into your consciousness andyour surroundings.

Others notice the distinct change, as even your appearance seems to be changing.

Change stems from the inside and then aligns with the outer world. There is no rushing it as your higher evolution has its own time sequence. This happens only when the time is right. You can prepare all you want, but you will never be totally ready for what transpires. It is never what you think, as the physical mind tends to interfere with the process.

Step into yourself and recognize that your only role is just to be you. It is quite simple. Let go and it all begins. Enjoy the ride. It is an amazing one.

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