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We will only explore a couple of transiting aspects to the natal Sun, as this post could go deep into all of the outer planets, from Saturn to Pluto extensively.

First, we will look at T Saturn which will be in its retrograde cycle until Nov 4/23. It moves into direct motion at 0° Pisces and will travel from 0° to 19° by early 2025 then moving again into retrograde. The retrograde cycles of Saturn work in a favourable manner. T Saturn is quincunx those with their N Sun within the corresponding degrees.

Saturn often speaks of the past & life, moving very slowly but gradually building as we move out of situations that require our attention. With the quincunx, you need to make adjustments. This will be when you take a closer look at your objectives and the desire to make personal adjustments.

You may feel limited and restricted as you maneuver your way through some adversities. This can cause a hindrance as you try to do what you want to do. Hard work is always required with Saturn’s influence, but its rewards can also create solid foundations that have the potential to last a long period of time.

There may be conflicts with those in authority, especially those that do not recognize the effort you have put into your work. There may be high expectations which seem to create disparity between what those in authority may want and what you may wish to accomplish. Perhaps you wish to do things your way knowing that the best results are achievable when you take a leading role, but they disagree with your way of doing things.

When Saturn is in its retrograde cycle, your efforts to achieve are more effective and things run smoother, but constant effort and hard work are always part of the picture.

Wednesday, we will look at Pluto’s influence on Sun in Leo.

See our recent post for Sun in Leo characteristics.

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