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As mentioned on Monday, we are exploring a couple of transiting aspects to the natal Sun in Leo.

We continue our post from July 24 which looked at the Transit of Saturn affecting Sun in Leo.

In January, 2024 Pluto will move into the sign of Aquarius although returning once again to Capricorn from September to November, 2024 due to retrograde motion.

T Pluto will make an opposition to those with their Sun in the early degrees of Leo during the mentioned time and Pluto will stay in Aquarius for many years when it returns to Aquarius.

The transit of Pluto in opposition to Leo Sun can be a challenging one to say the least. In many cases it will involve relationships either with authority figures or relationships of significance (partner or parent depending on your age). There will likely be great tension and power struggles. Also there will be a strong need to control your life and in some cases the desire to control other people’s lives as well.

Pluto is all about evolution and transformation and during this phase of development, Sun in Leo will pursue their life goals delving deeply to confront what needs change or alteration. Others may disagree with the Leonian’s approach to life as they will also encounter inner power struggles, and outer manipulation. The Leonian will need a great degree of willpower to achieve their goals and stick to their convictions.

The houses always show where the energy and life conditions are regulated, and the natal potential must be considered. An educated Astrologer can assist you to understand if you have these conditions taking place in your chart.

Allow you great attributes to shine (determination, big heartedness, self-confidence, intelligence, courage, etc.), learn the lessons at hand and move forward. Enjoy the new year ahead!

Happy Solar Return Leo!

See Sun in Leo for more character traits.

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