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Chiron, a comet known in Astrology as the wounded healer, while in transit takes between 49 to 51 years to make a full cycle around the Zodiac. As a result, at most, you can have the conjunction to the MC twice in your life unless of course Chiron is in its retrograde cycle while it crosses your MC.

In the natal chart, Chiron is representative of your most challenging wound and the work you must put into healing this wound. Some say that the wound can never be healed and we are better at healing others than healing ourselves depending on the house your Chiron is located in.

Many people believe that in order to help others with their issues, we must at some point have needed to help ourselves in a similar fashion. Without experience in that particular area, how can we truly be of help to others?

In order to help ourselves or heal ourselves, we first have to recognize what the wound is. We can’t heal something until we first accept what needs healing.

Depending on which house and aspects are involved with Chiron in our natal chart, we may have to work on ourselves from a mental perspective first and recognize that our mental conditioning has a powerful influence on what we believe we can do. If Chiron is poorly aspected in the Astrology chart then there is more than normal work needed in order to heal our personal wound. If Chiron is nicely aspected perhaps the healing is easier to come by, but do not let the aspects in your Astrology chart hold you back. Anything can be healed, and this healing always begins with your perspective.

The MC (Midheaven) deals with our occupation, our goals in life and is the most public place in an Astrology chart. It is also how the general public perceives us through what we have achieved in life. When our MC is activated by transiting Chiron, it can show itself as pain or healing. With most people, unfortunately, pain is the first most evident.

Chiron aspecting our MC can be a time to release tension or anxiety. It can also be associated with our goals in life and the path we choose to manifest or not to manifest. Our destiny or preconceived notion of what we believe we are capable of achieving always has the potential to materialize.

Since the MC as well as the IC deal with the parents, one of the parents, (the most dominant one) may be the source of healing required under this connection. The healing may be connected to a past perceived wrong; perhaps we were not treated well or not given enough love and affection, in our opinion. This would have had an influence on our lives. It may be time to shed these concepts to heal the wounds and rid ourselves of this feeling of lack.

We do not have to hold on to hurt any longer than we choose to. It is a choice.

Sometimes we need forgiveness or we are the ones that need to forgive. Whatever needs healing under this connection, we can take advantage of the energies at hand with this conjunction. If we do utilize the energies, we may come out the other side much stronger and also find compassion perhaps where there was little prior to our personal work.

If the occupation is what needs healing then perhaps we will need to make adjustments to our work or move out of the situation, by changing jobs. If our attitude is what needs adjusting then we need to make that adjustment and heal our wounds before we leave the work place or it may reappear in our next job. We cannot simply run from adversity. We need to face the issues head on and take action accordingly.

What will you do with these energies when they materialize in your Astrology chart? What healing is required and how can it be facilitated?

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