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The transiting Jupiter/Uranus opposition will be particularly powerful if they also connect with a natal planet now and right into March of 2017. Any planets in your birth chart in the 20 degree range, especially if in square to these transiting planets, (in the signs of Cancer or Capricorn) will be very influential in your life. If you have other planets in the 20 degree range they will also will be significant.

An opposition is suggestive of opposing forces and can be quite disruptive especially when it comes to changes that you may be required to make. Uranus insists on changes that bring into focus new horizons and are destined to bring to us what the soul needs for its evolution. Uranus’ action can be abrupt and sudden and it is often hard to define exactly how things will manifest for with Uranus you expect the unexpected. Jupiter often brings opportunities to life.

It is important to pay close attention to what is transpiring as opportunities may come to you when you least expect them. These opportunities can be quite advantageous to you if you recognize them and set things in motion. These opportunities may come from outside sources but make sure that you are observant and have checked out all the details before moving forward. Nonetheless, you must act quickly.

Impulsiveness is a by-product of this transit and it can correspond with extreme ups and downs depending on how the energies are used. You do have to be as quick as possible as the opportunity might pass you by, but be sure to use rationale before jumping. It will be hard, but do not take long shots or gamble on the outcome.

The need for more freedom is often part of the equation and any relationship that has gone stale could be left behind. A strong and stable relationship will endure this cycle but will most likely undergo change that can also be disruptive although necessary. This can present itself in many ways and it may not be you who makes these changes. It could come from outside sources, but don’t waste any time waiting for something to happen. Uranus acts impulsively and its actions cannot easily be foreseen. It is often best to go with the flow rather than fight what is taking place as these changes, whatever they may be, are necessary.

Any relationship or life situation that you may have been putting up with for a long time (one that does not seem to have a solution for repair) is likely to undergo transformation and once this aspect has completed its course, things may have altered so much that you no longer recognize what once was the norm.

You will feel quite relieved when things settle and over time will recognize why these events happened the way they did. Do not walk away from anything that appears to be worthwhile and accept the changes as they happen, knowing that it will be for the greater good.

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