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Jupiter is in the sign of Aquarius in retrograde motion until October 18, 2021.

While Jupiter is direct, it offers opportunities and good luck when connected with the Sun especially by Sextile, Trine or Conjunction. When Jupiter is in Square or Opposition to the Sun, the opportunities are still present, but you may have to push your way through some obstacles before you get the desired result. The only Planet that is adversely affected to any degree is Saturn.

While in retrograde, you can prepare your plans that you will move ahead with when Jupiter turns direct. Jupiter in direct motion promises abundance and an optimistic approach to any projects that are undertaken. It provides you with the sense that no matter what way you turn the outcome has potential. The main problem with Jupiter in direct motion is overindulgence and a feeling that nothing can go wrong.

When Jupiter is into its retrograde cycle, Jupiter sometimes denies the luck and abundance that is mostly apparent during the direct motion. It still provides the ability to achieve, but not without some work on your part. Jupiter’s retrograde energies are similar to that of Saturn’s, potentially putting up roadblocks and barriers to cross before achievement is possible. It suggests that you do the work required to put something in motion and that it may take a little longer for you to succeed than anticipated. In many cases, things begin to move forward once the retrograde cycle is over.

Jupiter’s stationary position will be the most powerful.

When Transiting Jupiter is making an aspect to the Sun in your natal chart, you may feel so good about life’s plans that you feel as though you could just sit back and let life lead. This is much more possible with the trine than with the sextile, but it would be a much better idea to work on moving forward as this is an opportune time to make things happen, especially if Jupiter is in direct motion. Do not waste the opportunity by sitting back and letting!

You may find that you feel quite healthy and even robust during this period. Watch for putting on weight, and remember Jupiter expands all that it touches. Set yourself up with an exercise program that you can follow and watch what you eat; be healthy. Your energies might be higher than normal, and you may find that you are more inclined to want to go for hikes, and attend sporting events, either as a spectator or as a participant.

If Jupiter is square the Sun, this is still an opportune time although you may feel restrained and tested during this period. If you put forth the extra efforts, however, you can still achieve what you set out to do.

Watch for any feelings of over optimism or extravagance as spending can be a problem under this influence. You may regret what you do under this influence so make sure that you are thinking long terms and review the results of your plans before acting.

The opposition is usually suggestive of other people setting things in motion and in some way affecting you. Watch for the carefree husband or wife that goes on a spending spree and you as their spouse might even encourage this. They may be the ones making suggestions that are a little extravagant and out of proportion for what your needs might be.

In general, this will be an opportune time even when transiting Jupiter makes challenging aspects to the Sun as well as when it is retrograde. Take advantage of these energies. Remember your Sun can be within 4 degrees either side of Jupiter’s degree throughout its transit and its energies will still be in effect. When Jupiter is direct to the Sun (same degree), the energies are the strongest.

At present October 2021, Jupiter is passing through Aquarius and moves into Pisces towards the end of December 2021. Its next retrograde cycle is not until July, 2022, where it will be at 8 degrees of Aries.

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