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When transiting Jupiter is in retrograde, its energies are not as responsive as when they are when Jupiter is moving in direct motion. In retrograde, Jupiter has similar qualities as that of Saturn and will often deny the positive, good luck and optimistic approach usually associated with its energies. Its energies are harnessed when retrograde and although we can still achieve and accomplish, it often takes great effort to make things happen. The good fortune that often accompanies Jupiter is not operating at its maximum capacity to say the least.

When in direct motion Jupiter’s positive energies are released and quite often good luck and abundance follow a close aspect by Jupiter, although hard work may still be required particularly if in aspect to Saturn. The other planets regardless of aspect offer energies connected to potential rewards and opportunities.

When Jupiter makes a conjunction to Mercury, (today’s topic), the energies of Mercury are expanded and the mind seems to work well and ideas can manifest that often result in optimistic results. However you will have to watch for becoming overly expansive with your ideas and expecting too much or investing in what you might think is a good thing. It might not be as grand as you think it might be under these energies. Overconfidence is often part of the thinking process when Jupiter is involved.

Your mind might wander into what others might refer to as the higher dimensions and religious doctrines. Spiritual practice may be heightened during a close encounter between Mercury and Jupiter. You may also find yourself thinking about long distance travel and if you should happen to take a trip, although you should be careful not to overextend yourself financially, you may learn much from these travels. Foreigners might provide you with insight that you may not have otherwise been taught or have been fortunate enough to experience.

Jupiter is a very promising and expansive energy and does often suggest opportunities to move forward in your life’s journey. Always take into consideration whether Jupiter is being stagnated by its retrograde motion or allowed expression due to its expansive energies releasing in direct motion. Check to see which house transiting Jupiter is moving through as this will provide you with the area of life involved in the equation. Also have a look at the natal conditions as well as its natal house position as this will give you more information.

A poorly aspected natal Jupiter does not operate as well as a well aspected natal Jupiter although the potential for growth is still great regardless of the nature of the aspects. You just may have to work a little harder to make things happen.

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