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Jupiter has a cycle of 12 years. As a result, every twelve years it returns to its location in your birth chart. According, it take 12 years to return to your midheaven location.

Contact from Jupiter to any planet or angle is considered fortunate as Jupiter promotes expansive energies to all it touches. Jupiter generally brings favourable aspects to life and can indicate abundance and beneficial periods especially if other aspects are also present.

When Jupiter is connected to the MC (midheaven) it often brings advancement and development. If the time is right, it also speaks of gaining recognition for your efforts, especially when in the earth signs or connected to Saturn. For those in business for themselves this period often marks a time of growth, expansion and a regeneration of goals and aspirations. Things feel lucky and advancement is often present. Business increases and opportunities come into play if we take advantage of these energies.

Jupiter will be moving into the sign of Pisces in the end of December so those with their MC in the sign of Pisces will find that theater, music and in many cases the intuitive side of life begins moving ahead. For those that are involved with the arts this is a good time to advance and push your goals. For those that are interested in advancing their spiritual connection, this is a time when meditation and the psychic realms may be more easily accessible. Follow your hunches and they may take you exactly where you need to go. The intuitive side is open and reachable.

This is a good time for service-oriented adventures and assisting those in need might be advantageous not just for those you support but for your own personal advancement as well. There is nothing like giving to help yourself. Giving without measure can build at this time and working behind scenes may also provide you with feelings of generosity and expansive expression. Working at a hospice or volunteering with a spiritual or religious organization might be what it is needed. Mystical advancement is on the agenda.

In rare cases, if individuals have been very ill for a long period of time and the placements of other factors in the natal chart agree, this can be a time when the individual passes as Jupiter expands all conditions. This would have to be indicated by several factors in a chart.

Check to see where you natal Jupiter is located by sign and house position as this will provide you with more information as to what to expect and how to maneuver yourself forward. Make sure to take advantage of these energies as in most cases they are advantageous.

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