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Transiting Jupiter often brings good luck, opportunities, and expansion. Jupiter opens doors and sometimes these doors deal with life’s philosophies, religious doctrines, and spiritual enlightenment.

The area of life is reflected by what house your natal Jupiter is found and what house Jupiter is transiting. When Jupiter is conjunct Mars, the likelihood of them being in the same house and sign is great although they can be in different signs and houses since you can use as wide as a ten-degree orb of influence.

Mars is about drive and the ability to pursue goals and objectives we want to explore. Any conjunction always merges the energies of the two or more planets involved. If, for example, natal Mars were also conjunct the Sun while in conjunction with Jupiter, you would have a merging of all three energies.

When Jupiter makes its conjunction to your Mars have a look at the aspects Mars is making in your chart to other planets or angles, as they will also be affected by this conjunction.

If, for example, your Mars was natally located in the fifth house, the expansion and positive energies linked with the desire for action and a push in life may be related to a love connection or your children or any creative endeavor. Perhaps you have been waiting on pushing ahead with a creative project. Now would be the time to pursue these areas of life, although over-optimism and a general feeling that nothing can go wrong should be noted and a reality check might be required especially if connected to Neptune in some way. However, Mars and Jupiter have the potential to go to extremes.

Life has its twists and turns but if the general energies connected to the natal potential is a favourable influence (defined by natal aspects to Mars and Jupiter) things have a greater likelihood to turn out nicely for you under this influence.

Remember the closer Jupiter is to making a direct contact to Mars, the stronger the energies.

Another example could be if this Mars and Jupiter’s conjunction was found in the eleventh house. This would still have the same energy push and optimistic approach as the previous example, but in this location, it would be related to your friends or perhaps some group activity that you have been pursuing or perhaps working towards starting up yourself. Just ensure that you are not jumping into something without taking the time to do the necessary prep work. Mars often acts in a hasty manner, so it is important to keep this in mind. In the eleventh house your hopes and wishes just might come true if these aspects line up.

Take a chance and go for it with this placement in your chart. As always, you must look at the whole chart to get the full picture.

In general watch for becoming overly exuberant, as enthusiasm and drive with a feeling linked to good fortune and favourable outcomes may be part of the profile with this combination.

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