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Mercury is the planet of the mind. It speaks of our communication techniques which are defined by the sign Mercury is in at our birth and the house placement. The angles to the planet will define how challenging or how proficient the mind operates. Squares may suggest challenging conditions but these natal aspects can be used to intensify the mind’s focus especially if Saturn or Pluto is part of the process. If Uranus is part of the equation is can add a flair of uniqueness. The squares, although often indicating lessons, can always be confronted and then dealt with accordingly over time, although mental illness and concentration issues can also be defined by Mercury’s condition. Much depends on the overall condition of Mercury as well as the rest of the chart’s energies.

When Mercury is conjuncted by transiting Jupiter there is an emphasis on the mental processing and often the ability to expand on certain teachings. Much will depend on the sign Mercury is in as well as the house of the conjunction. In general, however, subjects such as religion, spirituality and philosophy can become activating forces with our focus. Jupiter has a tendency to expand on things and pushes for higher learning often through life’s experience, and Mercury will take on these energies and use them to propel its energies.

Mercury is a neutral planet and actually needs something to stimulate it into action. It comes to life when it is activated by transit or progression.

The attitude can be changed significantly as Mercury is touched by Jupiter, and Jupiter’s involvement will help to foster a positive attitude and a general feeling of good fortune into everyday life. The mind is ready to learn and grow through these energies and may also be quite willing to share this information with others, especially if Mercury is in the sign of Gemini, Sagittarius and Leo. It might be a little recluse if it is in the sign of Capricorn, or even Virgo and sometimes Scorpio, but many individuals will feel wide open to the teachings available under this aspect.

Verify which house Jupiter resides in within your natal chart. This will also be an area of life that will be affected by open-minded concepts.

Take advantage of these energies by perhaps taking on new teachings or actually returning to school. You may wish to travel abroad to gain experience and in so doing, gain understanding of other cultures. Long distance travel whether in the mind or in the body are often by-products of transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Mercury.

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