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When Transiting Jupiter makes a conjunction to our Natal Moon’s placement in our charts depending on whether it goes retrograde or not, it can be in play for as long as 2-3 months. If Jupiter is in its direct motion it moves about 1 degree every 5 days so allowing a 5 degree orb applying and a 2 degree orb separating it can last quite a while. As always the energies are at their strongest when the degree is exact.

Jupiter is tied to expansion, luck, fortunate conditions, and a general feeling that life is going well (the area of life is determined by the house it is transiting through). The Moon deals with our feelings and emotions and at times may relate to our mother. Much will depend on the placement of our Moon (by sign and house) and aspects to the Moon in our natal chart as to how we respond to life events and the inner emotional connectedness we have to life.

The conjunction between T. Jupiter and the Moon may be somewhat fleeting when compared to the slow movement of the outer planets and their retrograde cycles, but this will likely be a time of inner comfort and a general feeling of contentment and emotional tranquility. Life in emotional terms may be gentle and favourable and you may find that even stressful conditions are met with a more opportunistic approach. You may feel that things will work out for the best for whoever is involved or how things unfold, depending on the circumstances of life.

There can be times when Jupiter’s expansive expression adds to an already challenging condition and it may bring things to a head especially if transiting Uranus or Mars are involved. But generally, Jupiter is known for bringing fortunate conditions and will build as it approaches.

If for example you have your Moon in Aries which is often an indicator of someone who needs their emotions to come first or feels that their personal emotions need to come first before they can help others. This aspect can be a time when your sensitivities come to the surface and if for example this conjunction occurs in the fifth house this may be related to a love affair or a close connection to one of your children. You may be able to do things and help situations that prior to this aspect seemed somewhat hopeless or perhaps you are in the right place at the right time and are meeting someone who is perfect for you on an emotional level. Of course, this is just a general example and there are other factors that need to be looked into in the chart.

If your Moon is in a water sign this may be a time of expansion when it comes to your sensitivities on a psychic or intuitive side and nurturing will be an important factor in your life. If your Moon is in an earth sign this may be the time to advance in earthly matters that fit your emotional needs. If in a fire sign this may be the time to push ahead with your endeavors and a time to grow from an emotional perspective. If the conjunction occurs in an air sign perhaps this is a time for rationalizing your emotions and understanding them with greater clarity and being better able to express these feelings.

This can be a time of emotionally uplifting conditions and should be utilized. Jupiter has a 12-year cycle and this energy will not come again at least in this expression for another 12 years. Of course 12 years from now you will also have other indicators in your life (other transits in comparison to the transits at this time) that will affect the overall conditions present in your personal chart.

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