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Jupiter is known as the great benefactor and often bestows good luck, good fortune and expansion into everything it touches. When connected to the planet Venus, the planet of love and romance, it often brings good fortune into this area of life. It offers a peaceful time, and you may find that your lover or your friends brings out the best in you. You feel comfortable and your mannerisms are gentle and very loving.

If you are in a new relationship, this could be when the relationship will grow to new depths and this aspect will offer not only love and excitement but also enough space so that you can make a choice as to when you want to be together and when you prefer to be by yourself. In a new relationship, which may have a lot to offer, you may find that you want to spend more time together; however, you probably will not feel tied down under the influence of these energies. You find that you both give the other enough space and freedom to be yourselves, especially if Uranus is somehow connected to this conjunction.

This is a great time for social gatherings, and you may find that you wish to share your life with more people during this aspect’s influence. Party going in wide open spaces may be very appealing especially when connected to nature.

Watch for becoming too lavish as Jupiter has no boundaries. Also watch for overspending as when this transit is finished, you may find that you went overboard.

You may also be tempted to travel to lush and beautiful surroundings at this time. Foreign culture may be very exciting to you and you may even meet someone while abroad.

Self-indulgence on some level is likely. Be careful not to overdo things. Many will gain weight during this time as food seems very tasty, especially if somehow this is connected to your Ascendant.

As you can see, you will enjoy life on many levels. You want to be around beauty and anything gruff and abrasive does not suit you during this time. Move away from these. You are meant to enjoy yourself and share your life with those that matter to you most, especially when this aspect is present in your chart.

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