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TRANSITING JUPITER CONJUNCT PLUTO (Those born between 1984 and 1995)

Pluto was in Scorpio from 1984 to 1995. It then moved into Sagittarius in 1995. This transit of Jupiter conjunct Pluto will affect those born with their Pluto in Scorpio (born 1984-1995).

Jupiter moved into Scorpio in October of 2017 and will remain in this sign until the fall of 2018. You will have to check your own personal Natal Astrology Chart to see which degree your Pluto is in to establish when (during the mentioned time frame) Jupiter will conjunct your natal Pluto. Allow an orb of 5 degrees approaching and 2 degrees separating. The greatest impact will be when these two planets are in close conjunction with one another (one degree or less). Also look at which house this transit takes place in as well as the natal position of Jupiter. This information will provide you with information on the areas of life that will be affected by this transit.

With this transit, there is a remarkable push to gain power over something you have probably been working on for some time. Now is the time for you to achieve what you have set out to do and there is no shortage of energy and drive for you to accomplish. This objective will be important to you at this time. What this means to others is not important.

Your ambitious drive is very powerful at this time, and you can use it to your benefit. The only problem is that you may get some opposition from those in authority as you may be trying to override them in some way or another.

You undoubtedly are very confident in the work you are pushing forward and because of this, you may get some opposition. You should not let this stop you. The best way to use these energies available is to focus on those things that are very personal in their nature and would somehow benefit you in personal terms. Do not make this about material rewards. Let this be about personal achievement and self-actualization. You can go deep into your discovery and leave no stone unturned as you dig through to get to the bottom of things.

Any type of investigative work would fit nicely into this transit, undercover work fits into this criteria. If you want to go deep into the metaphysical field, this is a great opportunity to reach what you are searching for or at the very least to obtain a clearer idea of what this spiritual endeavour is all about.

Meditation techniques can be used to get more information or some type of schooling in this area would be very beneficial.

The study of self is most rewarding at this time, and you can find out many inborn characteristics that can help you reach deeper into the unknown.

This is a time of good luck, opportunities and expansion. Do not squander it.

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