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This conjunction between transiting Jupiter and the Moon when in force marks a time of positive energy on an emotional level. Jupiter expands on things and adds positive reinforcement when it comes to our nurturing and compassionate side. We truly want to help others, especially those that might be struggling and feel that no one cares. We can give much of ourselves to others without diminishing our self, or without feeling empty. In contrast, we may find that giving without measure in return provides us with the emotional support that we might feel we need. This could come in the form of help from others through religious pursuits or spiritual endeavours. We will find that the assistance we seek is easily found.

The Moon has to do with our domestic situation, which includes the home environment and also our group of friends and our actual family. We may feel very generous under the aspect and provide others with what they need. We may find that we are especially drawn to those close to us, and we will invite them into our homes and share ourselves with them more than we might at other times. We want to make them feel at home and at ease in our homes. We will go to great lengths to make them feel comfortable and welcomed.

Jupiter brings with it good luck and often fortunate times. We are quite willing to share whatever comes our way. There may be those that take advantage of our generosity under this influence so we may have to watch for becoming too extreme in our giving. However, most people will see this side of us for what it is and want to give back what we have put out. Feelings are enhanced and a general feeling of opportunity coming our way is part of our everyday experiences. Often because of this attitude and belief structure, things actually do go quite well.

The only possible challenging condition that might befall us under this aspect (and this is not often the case) but some do fall into feeling so good that they become too extravagant and spend more than they should, eat more than they should and do not look after themselves the way they should. Jupiter wants to expand on everything and sometimes everything will include these things as well.

This is a very positive aspect and can help us get in touch with our inner most self. In so doing, this will help us with understanding our inner workings, our own emotional makeup and also what has brought us to where we are in our life’s path. It can open the door to wider perception and intuitive understanding often based on emotional interaction with others. Even if others do not express themselves verbally, we may pick up on the subtle workings of the subconscious at this time. The psychic part of who we are can open up new dialogue that was not noticed before or now can become enhanced and further developed.

Take a look at your chart or have an Astrologer review your chart to see when this aspect will influence you.

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