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Transiting Jupiter turned retrograde on June 20, 2021 and will become direct once again on October 18, 2021. When planets, with the exception of Saturn, are in retrograde their strengths are stifled and do not experience full and positive release of their energies.

Jupiter, even in retrograde, could still be referred to as positive energy although its fortunate conditions might not be as evident. Jupiter stays retrograde for about 120 days during its cycle and moves backwards from its original direct motion from 10 to 20 degrees while in retrograde.

Jupiter can make many angles to planets in your birth chart during its movement. Some are considered positive while others are considered more challenging. However, Jupiter will produce some form of growth and positivity under nearly all conditions.

While Jupiter is direct and particularly so when it becomes stationary direct and falls within three degrees of a planet or angle in your chart, its energies are very positive and growth to some degree is often evident. Jupiter’s stationary period, from October 17 to 19, 2021, is often very strong. Jupiter will be at 22 degrees Aquarius. Check which houses and planets as well as angles are involved to get a clear picture of what areas of life will be involved, if any, in your natal chart.

Jupiter has to do with expansion and optimism and during the growth period (being direct) you can expect potential opportunities. Jupiter should bring good luck into your life. This, of course, depends on the area of life indicated in your chart. Even challenging links through hard natal aspects to this position will be somewhat softened due to Jupiter’s mighty influence. A feeling of good luck and fortunate conditions often prevails under this influence, and in many ways if we follow through, we might very well gain insight and advance.

Jupiter can also indicate over-indulgence and in some cases promotes weight gain when connected to the Ascendant, or just a general feeling that we cannot do anything wrong. Cautious optimism might be what is needed especially if connected to Saturn. Perhaps this is a time to recognize authority or situations involving power, especially if Pluto is involved. Pluto brings change and transformation. Be careful not to step on anyone’s toes.

Jupiter will be in direct motion from October 18, 2021, to July 27, 2022, as it moves through Aquarius and then begins its movement into Pisces and finally going retrograde at 8 degrees Aries. You can see it will make many conjunctions to those with their Sun in these positions over the next several months. It will also make many other aspects including trines and sextiles as well as squares and oppositions during this time as well. Use Jupiter’s energies wisely regardless of whether it is in direct motion or retrograde motion. This period can be favourable.

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