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Transiting Jupiter in aspect to natal Sun in Capricorn

Transiting Jupiter in aspect to natal Sun in CapricornWe will begin by touching on Jupiter which is currently in the sign of Libra at 19 degrees when the Sun goes into the sign of Capricorn (December 22/2016). Jupiter will turn retrograde on February 6, 2017 and remain retrograde until June 9, 2017, when it turns direct again. Jupiter will start this cycle at 19 degrees Libra and move as far as 23 degrees Libra before it turns retrograde. Jupiter will then go back as far as 13 degrees Libra while in its retrograde cycle.

For those that have their Sun sign in Capricorn and between the 13 to 23 degrees the information in this post will certainly be of interest to you. You can give yourself a minimum of 3-4 degrees approaching and as much as 2 degrees separating for Jupiter’s energies to have a direct effect on you. There will be a square between your Sun and transiting Jupiter during this period and although Saturn does bring with it challenging conditions and lessons to be learned, Jupiter often promotes opportunities during this phase.

You may find that Jupiter’s influence will tie into making necessary changes to how you live your life, that is if changes are required. Saturn deals with being responsible and making the correct evaluations before moving forward. Jupiter will ask you to look deep within to make sure that your decisions are based on truth and honour. Do not take this time lightly and make sure your objectives are in line with the greater good. There might be some strain associated with this time in your life, but in reality you are setting the corner stones for your future by making these decisions. Make sure that the foundation that you are putting in place is built well and will stand the test of time.

Take the necessary time to move ahead and you may find that there will be times when you do your best work working alone or in seclusion. Decision making should be based on what serves you best but also what serves those that you care about as well. If there is a problem that needs rectifying, now is the time to set thing straight. Ponder your decision for a while but move forward as you get a clearer understanding of what you should be doing.

Saturn often deals with your profession and you may find that there is some restriction within this area. Patience is a lesson during this period. If, however, you have been working hard to achieve something worthwhile in business, you may find that when this period is over or even during the time while Jupiter is in effect, you may be rewarded for hard work and disciplined action. Superiors may take note of what you have been doing. If you find that your current job appears to be a dead-end job, this may be the time to move out of this influence. Be sure that you have the new job in place before you take that plunge. It is possible that under the current influence that opportunities await you but much depends on the overall condition of your natal Saturn. It is often suggested that during the retrograde cycle that you do not make changes as it is best to wait until Jupiter turns direct again.

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