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Transiting Jupiter in Leo

Jupiter has been in Leo since July of this year and we will be focusing on the movement of Jupiter in the sign of Leo specifically between 15-22 degrees. If you have your Midheaven at 15-22 degrees of Leo, Jupiter will be conjuncting this area of your Chart beginning towards the end of September and will remain in close proximity until late June, 2015. Jupiter goes into retrograde motion on December 8, 2014 and will pass over this area of your Chart two more times before it moves beyond the 22 degree mark. Its influence will intensify each time is conjuncts this area of your Chart.

Transiting Jupiter’s orb of influence can be felt about 5 degrees approaching and lasts about 2 degrees while separating. Jupiter is known as a major benefactor in Astrology and usually provides luck and good fortune or at least a positive approach to life’s circumstances when it becomes activated with another point in your Chart. When Jupiter conjuncts the midheaven quite often one receives opportunities to further one’s occupation through promotion or increase in salary. This opportunity increases when Jupiter is well aspected in the Natal Chart. The results would be less affluently affected when Jupiter is under some stress in the Birth Chart.

Jupiter regardless of natal aspect (with the except for Saturn) rewards and provides opportunities to move forward in your life’s direction. Sometimes one’s aspirations and outer goals come to fruition during Jupiter’s contact with the mid-heaven. You may get more recognition for hard work but Jupiter’s main expression deals with expansion. If for example you have been avoiding responsibility at work, you may also get noticed for this; however, because of the good fortune that Jupiter usually offers, you may only get reprimanded in a gentle fashion. Under most conditions, you would get another chance to prove yourself and in so doing, change your future prospective.

When Jupiter is conjuncting the Mid-heaven, it is also in opposition to the IC or fourth house cusp. This usually brings opportunities for changes in the home front although oppositions are usually not the best aspect and are often associated with other people’s opinions or communicational disruption and interchange. If Jupiter is conjunct this area of your Chart, there would be opportunities to move into a home of your own, or buy or sell real estate that you could prosper from during this time. The fourth house also deals with the family, and your family may experience gains at this time or you may assist them during this period.

Jupiter is nearly always present when good things happen or some sort of expansion takes place. It promotes luck and ease in obtaining benefits unless there are other challenging aspects within the Chart at the same time. If there are plenty of squares or oppositions and even some conjunctions to planetary placements within the Birth Chart during the transiting Jupiter conjunction, you will have to weigh in all the potential challenges that these other placements will have. In most circumstances, Jupiter will provide some fortunate outcome although you may have to work very hard to achieve what you set out to do. Jupiter is normally beneficial in its effects.

Find out how Jupiter is affecting your Birth Chart and understand what the opportunities for growth are for you.

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