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Jupiter takes approximately 12 years to move through the entire zodiac. Jupiter will enter the sign of Libra on September 10, 2016 and remain in that sign for 13 months. During this period, take a look at which house or houses Jupiter will be transiting and the aspects it will make during its cycle. Any grouping of planets or angles in close proximity to the same degree will emphasize Jupiter’s energy and have an impact in your life.

For example if you have the Moon, Mars, Neptune and Pluto all around the 23 degree mark, say within 3 degrees then when transiting Jupiter moves to this degree which will be in January/February of 2017 all of these areas of life represented by their energies will be affected. This would be an influential aspect because Jupiter will go into retrograde at 23 degree and 8 minutes Libra and be very powerful if you have planets or angles at or near this degree. This period will last from January to March 2017 and then return in September of 2017 once again.

Jupiter in Libra is often associated with balancing out life. Sometimes this has to do with relationships, sometimes with business and most often with what you need to balance in your own life. Libra is a balancing sign, not a balanced sign as many believe. Jupiter’s energy is to make things expand or become larger in relevance and it enhance things. Everything Jupiter touches expands and is often brought to a whole new level. Libra’s energies relate to partnerships, enjoyment, social gatherings, parties, creating harmony and peace and finding a balancing point with life’s matters. Jupiter promotes optimism and growth as well as an opening to higher plains of learning, often brought on through schooling or travel.

Jupiter’s rule of expansion is not always linked to happy times and depending on what your chart indicates, it can help to expand and create conditions that may be difficult to deal with. This applies particularly if Jupiter receives hard aspects from other planets and angles during its transit. However, the potential for positive end results has a greater chance of surfacing with Jupiter than if we were dealing with Saturn for example.

Jupiter often brings opportunities and in general good luck. If for example Jupiter was to make a station (standing still just before going into retrograde) on your MC (Midheaven), the opportunities for success with your occupation is exaggerated. Much will depend on the overall condition of your natal MC or your progressed MC. Transits will also affect progressions.

If for example Jupiter is transiting through your ninth house and makes contact especially during its longer station in the winter of 2017, the potential for continued education increases. The potential for travel especially overseas is also highlighted and a continued awakening to spirituality is possible. If you have any court appearances these could also be affected with Jupiter transiting through the ninth house. An enhanced learning of the philosophy of life with teaching on a religious or spiritual tone may also come about during its stay.

Jupiter’s aspect to Venus is something we all wait for. Even the more challenging aspects can be released in a favourable way. The greatest challenge for Jupiter would be its aspects to Saturn, as the energies of these planets together might stifle the properties of Jupiter somewhat.

It is important to recognize that although Jupiter brings about good fortune and opportunities, we will have to utilize these energies in our lives to bring them to the forefront. Work with Jupiter and see what it brings into your life. You will be rewarded!

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