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The energies of Jupiter in Astrology connect with expansion, optimism, luck and opportunities. The energies of Saturn, however, have to do with restrictions, delays, caution, lessons and limitations. Saturn offers potential growth but not without some focus and hard work through carefully planning, study and a cautious approach. As you can imagine, these two energies can work against each other.

If plans have been in motion for some time, and you have studied the project carefully, Jupiter linked with Saturn offers potential for success as long as you are willing to work diligently. If you dive into a project without proper forethought and planning then the potential for a successful outcome is lessened to a great degree.

Saturn defines duties and commitments with whatever you decide to move forward in. Jupiter will provide you with options that might not otherwise be there. If you need to get work done and completed on time, Saturn is the energy you need to cultivate. If you are looking for something that is high-minded and spiritual in nature or something concerning litigation then Jupiter might aid you in these areas.

Jupiter looks for expansion and freedom. Saturn will limit the steps taken so that you move securely one step at a time. If you are planning an investment, it might be best to be frugal with your spending although you might feel quite comfortable in overextending your bank account and going into debt in order to achieve what you set out to do. You should still carefully plan out your investments and make sure that there really is opportunity for growth. The potential is certainly there but do not be overly optimistic. Realize that it may take time for your fortune to unfold the way you might hope it will. Do not look for instant returns.

If you already own your own business, this is a good time for expansion, but do not go overboard. Make sure that the business is ready for expansion and that you can afford the costs that will be incurred once you make the commitment. Jupiter offers good luck and opportunities but not without hard work and discipline, due to Saturn’s influence. You may find that your ideas will pan out if you take cautious, informed steps along the way. There is greater opportunity for success under this influence and Jupiter is suggestive of business prospects and potential for higher earnings.

Your motto might be “Be cautiously optimistic and venture forth with the complete information required to fulfill your ultimate goals”.

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