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Transiting Jupiter will be in the sign of Scorpio from October 2017 to November 2018. As a result anyone with their Venus in Taurus in their birth chart will have transiting Jupiter in opposition to their natal Venus.

Those with their Venus in Taurus often have a love of beauty, romance and are working on building a future that is reflective of material comforts, beautiful things and pleasant surroundings. Venus in Taurus seeks out love in romantic relationships and Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio can build on this and also add sexual flair to a romantic relationship that is born under this opposition.

This is most often an agreeable transit and often points towards relationships being harmonious, loving and sensual. They can develop into a deep and personal relationship where often both people are looking for something with true meaning in their lives. Often times the person with their Venus in Taurus will not be the pursuer; although those with Venus in Taurus are usually quite lovable and romantic in nature. Oppositions usually imply that things are generated from outside sources, however. Perhaps someone introduces the two of you or perhaps the relationship is worth pursued because one finds the others very attractive and sensual. Unless there are other mitigating factors in the chart pointing towards some challenging conditions, a relationship under these influences often has great potential.

If this opposition does suggest a new found relationship or even a relationship already formed, this individual needs to be sure that there is a sufficient amount of freedom available. There may be a need for open spaces and the need to move about without any bonds, at least it will likely start out this way. This individual may be looking for a meaningful relationship that provides love, affection and also wants lasting qualities within this relationship yet the other individual may still wants some freedom and would like to wait for the relationship to grow before they become committed to the next level. There should be freedom in the relationship and each party cannot expect the other to want the exactly same thing, although eventually this can be quite possible.

This combination also often signifies that the finances take a turn for the better. Opportunities are in place for growth and expansion in the area of finances. There is only one danger with this positioning; you may be the one who is spending lavishly and not taking into consideration that this feeling of luck and financial growth is perhaps only temporary. Do not waste your resources. Take considerable caution when it comes to spending too freely. There is the feeling that nothing could go wrong and this might often be the case but you will still have to be responsible and realistic.

Many opposition aspects create strife often stemming from other people involved during the transit. This one, however, because of the energies of these two beneficial planets, under most conditions does not suggest this.

Use the energies effectively and make sure that both want a committed relationship. If a relationship is in the making, also ensure that it is not just based on sexual overtones.

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