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Jupiter remains in the sign of Capricorn from the end of 2019 for about one year and then towards the end of 2020 it moves into Aquarius. While in the sign of Capricorn (it went retrograde in May of 2020) we will be talking about those individuals who have their natal Moon in the signs of Scorpio or Pisces.

Jupiter in the sign of Capricorn is considered a practical energy position where Jupiter’s energies seek, as always, to expand knowledge and create a general feeling of optimism into what it touches. Jupiter is growth oriented but does not function in its full capacity while in retrograde. In the sign of Capricorn Jupiter tends to direct its attention towards optimistic ideals which have the potential to create tangible findings. This can apply to any goals and aspirations we might have in the material world as well as any practical applications that may be centred around the philosophical approach to religion and spirituality.

Sextiles in general are positive aspects that often point towards fortunate circumstances that we can take advantage of and use these opportunities to advance our cause or purpose at the time. Sextiles should be given a 3-5-degree approach orb and a 2-3 degree separation orb of influence.

Since this sextile is related to the Moon, feelings come into play. There is greater potential for understanding how feelings and intuition meld together, and we can do a lot with these energies from an inspirational approach.

These innate feelings can be used for personal growth and expansion as well as being related to the feelings of others and the plight they may be experiencing. We can help others often by helping our self first and then applying what we have learned when dealing with others. There are no greater teachers than those that have had personal experience.

We may be learning to express our feelings more openly especially if we have our Moon in Scorpio and working on how to do this is perfect under this aspect. Opportunity awaits those that wish to enter this field which is more open than under normal circumstances. If Jupiter goes into retrograde and our Moon falls in these degrees, we can experience up to three passes of our Moon making this aspect and during its direct movement is when we can advance anything we might be working on.

We may find that the feelings of others and specifically those that we consider family (blood or not) can build under these energies. This applies to how we are able to help them and truly understand what they might be going through. We can be of great assistance at this time. Our compassion and deeper understanding of others bring us a feeling of satisfaction under this influence and helps with our own personal emotional healing as well.

Our home life and family may feel comfortable to those of us with this aspect and we will be pleased being in this circle. We can use these energies to assist others and also within our self in personal ways. Be sure to use the energies at hand to expand personal consciousness and learn from what is being taught.

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