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Towards the end of January although often felt prior to the degree of separation Transiting Jupiter will make a Sextile to Transiting Uranus. They are in within one degree of separation from February 13 to February 23, 2022. They will be exact on February 18.

This aspect will apply to those who have Natal Uranus in Pisces, (someone approximately 16) and those born in the early 1950’s with their Natal placement of Uranus in Cancer.

These individuals will experience a move in a new direction in life often brought on through life’s circumstances beyond their control. The change has likely been felt for some time and a part of them knows that things must change on some level (houses and other planets involved help tell the story). In many cases the change is often abrupt or unexpected although as mentioned subconsciously they are being prepared.

Uranus, though disruption, brings necessary change that is needed and can fulfill their soul’s evolutionary quest.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and growth and is often found active in charts when opportunities are in place that facilitate good luck and fortunate conditions. Jupiter has to do with spiritual evolution taught through life’s ongoing philosophical principles. In most cases when Jupiter is part of the picture good things are on the horizon or are current.

Jupiter is making a sextile to Uranus. Sextiles are considered positive influences which often initiate opportunities that can be brought to fruition. Putting the two together this is often the indicator of something unfolding or that there is potential for something unfolding that can be quite positive if the individual acts. In rare circumstances, life just makes the change but in most cases, they have to pursue and take advantage of what is being offered during the sextile.

Since the houses speak of areas of life involved it is importance to pay particular attention to what these houses represent under this aspect. T. Uranus and T. Jupiter as well as the natal placement of Uranus and Jupiter will reflect what areas of life are involved. A further study of all the other aspects will help to determine what course of action is required and how to move ahead.

The time while the aspect is approaching should be used to plan for a course of action or have expectations as to what might unfold. Our attitude and actions take priority as to how things unfold. Our reaction dictates how we experience any event.

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