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We are going to look at the energies of Jupiter moving through the houses over the next couple of Astrology posts. The second half of this post will run on November 29, 2021 and the final information on December 1, 2021.

Jupiter is considered of the highest order and brings with it expansion, good fortune, luck and growth. Even when in challenging aspect, Jupiter manages to bring fortunate times, although not without some challenge particularly when it makes a difficult aspect to Saturn.

Jupiter goes through each sign and house depending on the house system used in about one year. It has a twelve-year return cycle, and, in most cases, you can expect great energy when it returns to its natal position around ages 12, 24, 36, etc.

Jupiter through the first house often suggests an expansive time with good fortune which affects the individual personally. This is noticed by others and a general feeling of life going well is often anticipated. Personal changes may be made affecting health.

Jupiter through the second can indicate financial increase. Often the bank balance seems to grow, and fortunate conditions related to assets and financial conditions bringing internal security as well.

Jupiter through the third often deals with communication and everyday activities. Self-expression is easier and learning or schooling activities are addressed. Communication is expansive and often far-reaching. Sometimes this can speak of favourable conditions linked to aunts and uncles.

Jupiter through the fourth deals with the home and family. Sometimes the home goes through changes such as additions or remodeling. In many cases the family is involved, and in some cases the parents are going through fortunate times in particular the mother or most nurturing parent.

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