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Your natal Mercury by aspect, sign and house position in general defines how the mind operates. The thinking process, evaluation techniques, mental aptitude and outlook all come under the influence of the planet Mercury. Mercury comes alive when it is in aspect or being aspected by transits or progressions. It needs this to become stimulated and the planet and aspect it is receiving define how the mind is currently functioning, although its natal positioning is far reaching.

Jupiter the planet of expansion, growth, good fortune, and life’s philosophical teachings in trine stimulating N Mercury can provide intuitive perception and optimal mental reasoning abilities. During its trine to Mercury the mind is alive with ideas that seem optimistic and favourable.

The trine is suggestive of easy flow and opportunities and when Jupiter is part of that vibrational activity in a natal chart its good fortune can bring to life concepts that can not only grow and expand consciousness but can also bring forth prospects and outlooks that foster gain on some level. Trines are what we wait for and Jupiter is the most promising of all the planets affecting our lives. In many cases growth and expansion just seem to flow, but to use these energies in a much more favourable way we need to react and formulate a plan of action to achieve the greatest success in the current environment.

Review the natal potential, the house position not only of Mercury in the natal chart but also the placement of T Jupiter as this will help define the areas of life involved and where to move ahead. Favourable aspects to N Mercury by other natal positions will accentuate the opportunities while the more challenging aspects will suggest that you may have to work a little harder to advance.

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