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Transiting Uranus moves slowly through the Zodiac staying in one sign for approximately 7 years. It takes a cycle of 84 years for Uranus to come back to its original position in your natal chart.

Saturn on the other hand takes about 2 ½ year to move through a sign and 29 years to complete its cycle around the Zodiac.

While Uranus is in transit it will impact all the positions of our natal planets and the house cusps and angles. Its energies usually instigate sudden and unexpected change. If we do not act on what needs work, it often pushes for this to happen. It is known as the awakener and does just that. Anything that no longer suits our evolutionary growth is subject to change and disruption.

Uranus is like an electronic impulse stirring us and pushing us in new directions. When associated with Saturn, which is quite unlike Uranus, the impulse is to change direction but Saturn does not like this type of influence. Saturn is happy if things stay the same and are steadfast, reliable and secure. Saturn fights change and does not like disruption to what it comfortable and stable. As you can imagine even without considering the square aspect, which is one of challenge and disruption, these two energies do not sit well with each other.

The square between these two giants in Astrology creates tension, pushes for resolution and defies anyone that refuses to adapt and adjust. The square is challenging enough that it often pushes us into action so we will resolve the issues at hand. These push us into action and although the square is considered a difficult and challenging aspect to deal with because of the need for resolution it can also be considered an action aspect that helps us resolve issues.

During this time Uranus wants us to take leaps of faith and move in a new direction. Saturn likes things the way they are, and resists change even though it might recognize that change is what is required at this point. This could be a relationship that no longer suits your evolution. It could be a change in occupation or a massive change in life’s direction. Often at around the age 42 when we are undergoing the Uranus opposition, people make dynamic changes of direction that many do not see coming.

It is best to have a clear look at what life is trying to tell you. Sometimes change is what is required even when it may be worrisome and you do not know what lies ahead. However, after careful consideration you might want to make some changes and time will tell where they will take you. Uranus often brings us right where we belong, but the change is not always an easy one. It might be time to break away from anything that feels restrictive.

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