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The position of Pluto in the natal chart is where you can expect major transformations, power struggles, deep penetrating insight, sexual overtones and potential regeneration. Changes take place in these areas of life and in many cases, there is not too much you can do about it. It is always best not to try to override Pluto’s energies.

Pluto often brings an end to conditions in order for something new to be activated.

Jupiter is about insight and expanded energies. Under most conditions Jupiter in transit offers up opportunities to succeed, growth through exploration and optimistic feelings. In many cases it is as though everything is going our way and it may happen on its own but if not then a little push may be all that is required.

In its lesson form, Jupiter brings over-optimism and extravagance. This may be true of almost anything that Jupiter touches.

Trines speak of easy flow and opportunities for success or good luck; however, in rare cases, if for example, someone has been quite sick for some time, trines can cause things to move ahead with little resistance. Little resistance is what trines speak about. Trines are what we wait for in life and in most cases, Jupiter’s energies are certainly worth the wait.

Pluto and Jupiter together may indicate a potential for growth and good fortunes as long as ego and power struggles do not become part of the process. Pluto may indicate someone in a position of power and authority although this is often Saturn’s domain. Pluto can cause ego disputes and in turn cause arguments and disruption (but not normally with the trine aspect). It might be more like good luck and recognition or potential positive transformation that might push us up the corporate ladder of success if this is business oriented. Pluto with Jupiter will likely create some opportunities to move forward in life and raising the bar might not be a bad idea. Who knows where this might take us.

Much will depend on the houses involved in our personal Astrology chart, as well as other aspects to this position. Making changes is often what this aspect is about. Improve life not only for yourself but also for others. Pluto carries a lot of weight and we might be surprised at what we can do now. Sometimes these opportunities for change affect us on a very personal level, so we should make sure that we use these energies to the best of our abilities.

If Jupiter goes into retrograde we might have several opportunities as it passes over the same position or planet in our chart usually up to three times. What doesn’t work the first time might very well work better the second and then finalize the situation on its final or third pass.

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