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The trine aspect usually indicates easy flow, opportunities, good fortune, and promising conditions. This is what we wait for in life. When Jupiter is part of the profile, the chances for gaining momentum and favourable conditions are heightened. Growth is a big part of what transpires.

Transiting Jupiter moves into Taurus on May 16. Jupiter goes into a retrograde cycle on September 4, 2023 at 15° Taurus and remains retrograde until December 31, 2023. It returns direct at 5°Taurus, so those individuals with their natal Saturn in the earth signs (Capricorn and Virgo) and up to and including about 17° will be experiencing this trine to their natal Saturn. If your natal Saturn is in these degrees, T Jupiter will move across the 5° to 15° once again into the new year making the same trine again.

Saturn, however, does not have the same energies as Jupiter and, in many ways, its energies operate in complete opposite. Saturn has to do with restriction, delays, challenges, and hard work. Although Jupiter promotes growth and expansion and the trine offers easy flow and opportunities, you will likely have to work hard to achieve whatever you plan to set out to do. However, Saturn does promote is stability and structure after the initial groundwork has been done.

If your natal Saturn is in retrograde then these opportunities and growth potentials are easier to maneuver through. A retrograde Saturn can also indicate a missing father influence in some cases. If Saturn applies to this or an individual with a position of authority (manager within your career or the police working within the framework of what this aspect is implying) moving forward with restraint is advised. In other words, do not move forward unprepared or without the necessary information.

Saturn holds back while Jupiter wants to progress so there might be some push and pull when these two energies meet. It should be noted that if you prepare and do not miss any steps working towards a viable solution, the potential is there. You can make this happen if you are prepared to wait a little to see what takes hold and you are building a solid foundation in the process.

Discipline and hard work are part of the process and the houses where N Saturn and T Jupiter are in will provide information as to what areas of life are involved. The natal positioning of Saturn adds to the story. If for example Saturn is well positioned then the energies work in a more smooth manner. If Saturn is challenged, more work and perhaps more duties are implied. More challenges are at hand with a difficult Saturn in the natal chart. The natal chart always tells the story.

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