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For those who have their Sun in the sign of Gemini, transiting Jupiter is making a trine during 2017 until October when it moves into the sign of Scorpio. Anyone who has their Sun in Gemini, (the most inquisitive sign by the way) from 13 degrees to the final degree of Gemini will be affected by this transit. You can feel the energies of Jupiter as it approaches your Sun up to five degrees before it reaches the same degree as your Natal Sun, and it also will have an affect although dissipating in energy as much as 2 to 3 degrees separating beyond the degree of your Natal Sun.

Jupiter in trine to the Sun is a very promising position although those with a later degree Sun (20 degrees or more) will also have the opposition to transiting Saturn at the same time, often making objectives harder to achieve or at the very least not without putting for some effort.

Jupiter promotes optimism, good luck and fortunate circumstances and when attached to the Sun, it energies offer opportunities for achievement in occupation, status, life objectives and your most intimate goals in life. Jupiter brings expansion and a broad-minded approach to whatever endeavours you are currently trying to bring into fruition.

Goals often materialize or at least near the finish line during this cycle. You may also find that the objectives that come into play can be very personal, sometimes stemming from within and then motivated forward. Make sure that you make the best of this configuration as you may feel inclined to just sit back and let life take its natural route. This is actually the time to pursue your objectives and not to just sit back. The energies seem so opportunistic, you may feel this way but do not waste this opportunity.

Those with creative talents (this creativity can be experienced in many ways not just in artistic adventures) will find that the avenues of expression are enhanced. If this is you, you may have ideas that now have the potential to flourish and mature into something very worthwhile. Make the most of this time; simply by doing and/or reaching out for guidance if you are not sure which way to turn or what direction to follow. The house placement of your Sun as well as the house placement of transiting Jupiter will offer up some ideas as to what areas of life are involved. Make sure to check the house that natal Jupiter is in as well as the house cusp or cusps ruled by Sagittarius as these will also provide more details.

The Sun’s energy also deals with vitality and with Jupiter making such a viable transit, you may find that your health is robust.

Watch for over-exuberance when it comes to eating. Jupiter tends to expand everything it touches including the waist line.

It is a great time to become exercise oriented and setting up a healthy routine of exercise and proper diet is highly suggested. Enjoy the great outdoors.

Take advantage of the energies and do something for yourself and your health now. It is quite appropriate for the energies available.

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