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This is the aspect we all wait to take place in our chart. Positive energies abound and fortunate conditions are at hand particularly if there are other factors in the chart that point in the same direction such as Neptune conjuncting your North Node or a favourable aspect to your Sun or Ascendant. The more that speaks in positive terms, the greater the opportunities for success and favourable things taking hold in your life. The houses where Jupiter and Venus are found will be the areas of life that are being affected by these positive energies.

If for example the fifth and first houses are involved, then this could be speaking of a fortunate relationship now being formed. If the North Node is involved, then this could be a person who enters your life at the right time. If the South Node is involved, then this individual may be someone from your past either in this life or in a previous life. If the Sun is involved perhaps this speaks of goals you might have for yourself and if this also aligns with your North Node it means that you are right on track and exactly where you need to go.

This post is written in June 2020 and transiting Jupiter is in retrograde as of May and remains in its retrograde motion until September, 2020 so if you happen to have your Venus in a degree where Jupiter will make contact, it may make another pass and a final pass activating these areas for quite some time.

Jupiter tends to bring good fortune and good luck and expands on things that are set in motion. Venus can speak of a love relationship or it can speak of finances or even simply the enjoyment of others. Venus speaks of times of social interaction even though this is challenging at this time with our current pandemic, but perhaps some restrictions will be lifted or loosened. This of course does not mean that you ignore what is already in place, but the opportunities are there for growth and good fortune on some level of experience.

If this aspect applies to you then it is time to take advantage of the energies at hand and make the best of a positive opportunity. It might very well open the doors to opportunities in the near future. This is a positive influence although of course any other factor taking hold at this time will have to be evaluated and written into the final equation.

Enjoy what life offers no matter what the circumstance.

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