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Anyone with their natal Sun between 5 degrees and 29 degrees Cancer, (allowing an orb of up to 8 degrees), will have a trine aspect in their natal Astrology chart.

Jupiter which was previously retrograde went direct on July 10, 2018 releasing its energies and they will work favourably for those with this placement in their birth charts. When Jupiter makes a direct contact (to the exact degree of your natal Sun) it will have its strongest effects for you.

Jupiter is the planet we wait for during transits to make favourable aspects to our natal chart. It brings optimism, expansion, good luck and opportunities into our lives. It expands on growth on many levels specifically defined by the house positions of your natal Sun and transiting Jupiter.

We should also look to see what aspects we have between our natal Jupiter and Sun and if the energies are positive then the opportunities and possible growth can be quite extensive. We always have to take into consideration what the rest of our chart is implying, but Jupiter will help promote good fortune and fortunate events to unfold.

Our Sun (speaking specifically today to Cancer sun individuals) often speaks in terms of our goals and aspirations in life. There are opportunities for these goals to be met as long as we are willing to do some of the work required to make this happen. Cancerians may find that because of this energy in place (which lasts well into 2018), they may be inclined to sit back and not put any effort into what is transpiring because things just seem to fall into place. This is NOT suggested. Your self-confidence may be at an all-time high and you feel as though you can accomplish anything, so go for it and utilize this energy.

If this is a time of financial expansion, you may find that things go well and opportunities seem to flow your way with little interference. You may feel very free with your finances and should take into consideration that Jupiter does tend to give us too much confidence so be wary and use common sense with spending or with speculation. The potential, however, for good things to transpire financially are currently in place, especially if you have your Sun or Jupiter in the 2nd or 8th houses.

Your creative potential might also be enhanced at this time, especially if the fifth house is involved. Opportunities may reveal themselves to you if you have been working towards a promotion or raise. You may receive recognition for hard work especially if Jupiter or the Sun are in the tenth house.

Since the Sun also rules your vitality, your health may be enhanced at this time.

You may want to explore the great outdoors and go for nature walks at this time. Watch for overdoing things if you are normally a sedentary individual. If you push things you may become accident prone so take your time and make sure things are safe.

Travel is often part of the process during this time and many will make plans or actually travel and in most cases to far away destinations. You could learn a lot from these travels as the mind is open to new and exciting potentials under this influence. If you can’t travel, you can always put on the learning cap and explore through research and mental travel.

Life, in general, may feel just about perfect, unless of course there are other mitigating factors found in the birth chart. The opposition from Pluto (Capricorn), or the quincunx from transiting Mars (currently in Aquarius and moving retrograde back into the sign of Capricorn) becoming an opposition as well can both make things feel a little challenging but necessary so don’t fight the energies.

Make sure you look at the whole picture when delineating your chart. Without doing this, you will never get the full picture.

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