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The trine from transiting Jupiter to the Midheaven (MC) is considered a very favourable aspect. Jupiter the planet of growth and expansion fosters good luck and opportunities especially if it goes into retrograde and passes over the same degree more than once. Jupiter is known as the greater “benefic” and has the greatest potential for bringing in what we wish to achieve or it helps us move in the appropriate direction for advancement.

When connected to the MC it often suggests that opportunities for expansion connected with the career including a personal business if you own your own business, a raise in pay or recognition for your efforts and often development and progress. In some cases, things seem to flow freely with little assistance on your part, but it is always recommended that you push ahead and work with the energies as they are so favourable.

Jupiter also relates to advanced teachings linked to your philosophy of life. This may represent a time when opportunities are presented to further your journey and make sure you are on the best path.

The MC is tied to goals and aspirations as well as career. It also has to do with recognition and status. Life may change in a favourable manner during this transit. Some marry or move to another home or location especially if there are indicators coming from the 4th or 7th house. It is important to investigate the whole chart to determine what areas may be affected.

The placement of Jupiter in your natal chart along with the aspects to your MC will have an input in what unfolds. When T. Jupiter is direct it has the greatest and most favourable impact. Goals can be made, and advancement can be experienced in this direction. Things seem to move forward in a much easier manner and with less obstruction than before this aspect.

Take advantage of these energies and advance closer to your objectives.

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