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Before we go into detail about the conjunction between transiting Mars and natal Pluto, it is important to understand that the transiting planet is the one pushing its energies onto the natal planet. The two energies merge with one another but in this case, Mars will be the primary energy activating natal Pluto which in turn activates any link to Natal Pluto in the birth chart. So, Mars activates the energies already in place, but in this case the primary focus will be found in the location of transiting Mars and natal Pluto by house position.

Mars’ energies have to do with aggressive force and activity. Mars will push us forward and wants us to take action.

Pluto deals with transformation and regeneration and Pluto will ask us to go deep within to reach an understanding, from the details uncovered, of what needs to change or be transformed.

The energies of Mars, if not released, can become destructive and quite dynamic. It is not easy to hold down a charging bull. Mars is not known as a gentle persuader by any stretch of the imagination and will on its own accord push us forward. In some cases, what Mars is insisting we pay attention to may be something we might not want to deal with, but as with all energies of all the planets, there is a positive outcome, although in this case, it may not be recognized during the push of activities.

Pluto wants us to dig deep and uncover the truth of the matter. Mars and Pluto together has been known to create violent or ego intrusion. Arguments often come to the surface and some type of interchange on some level is often prominent when the energies become stronger as they approach direct emphasizes (the degree becomes exact).

Much can be determined by the house position of this conjunction in your chart. This will be the area of life that is receiving these energies and this area of life will need review, deep reflection after which action will be required.

For example, if this conjunction is found in the first house, personal change of direction is required. This may include a relationship of significance especially if transiting Pluto is making an aspect to Venus or is transiting through the seventh house. If the second house is where the conjunction is found then this interchange may involve finances, security issues or material comforts. This could also involve joint finances, sexual overtones and legacies or inheritance issues.

In many cases some type of confrontation is associated with these planets when linked. A favorable natal aspect between the two can produce more viable and a more positive energies, while a challenging aspect in the birth chart might be considered a warning signal. Do not put yourself in harm’s way, or if you get into an argument, stay clear of aggressive interaction or if driving a vehicle, drive with care and let any challenging energy find its way out without driving your vehicle as an outlet for these energies.

This can be disruptive as mentioned but often positive things come to the surface eventually, although not overly pleasant to deal with while going through them. However, we can move through challenging situations and work towards a favorable resolution that will be felt as time goes by. In many cases due to the swift movement of Mars, this transit will be somewhat short lived, unless of course transiting Mars goes into retrograde during its transit with Pluto. Under a retrograde influence, you may find that it is a drawn out situation which will come to you several times during the period of entanglement.

Positive outcomes often prevail after some initial struggle and you will find that what takes place often brings about something that is required for the betterment of the future.

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